Taking Care Of Your Cheap Wigs 

by amy perry Friday, February 11, 2011
Buying cheap wigs is not the end of the problem. You need to maintain them properly for longevity and repeat usage. Discount wigs are synthetic fibers and have to be taken care of properly.

The reason why people wear wigs can range from someone covering a bald spot to someone wanting to experiment with their look. Some diseases like cancer have the patient undergoing chemotherapy that causes immense hair loss and in many cases complete baldness. Cheap wigs have been the solution to people who want a temporary cover-up or are just out for some experimentation without spending too much.

You can get some good discount wigs at very low prices on various online wig shops. They have the best assortment of premium wigs, cheap wigs and discount wigs that are suitable for men, kids and women. Not just selling wigs but these shops also offer wigs, accessories, tips for wearing wigs, taking care of your wigs and professional help for choosing the wig that suits your personality and budget the best.

Cheap wigs need proper maintenance so that they can last longer. You need to wash your wig with good quality products to maintain its sheen and gloss. You can give the wig a wash after wearing it some 6-7 times, maybe a little more frequently if the climate is hot and humid. For cooler places with a less active life and low exposure to pollution you can postpone the washing to some 13-14 usages.

To wash your discount wigs take a wig shampoo only. If you are unable to get one you may use a laser therapy shampoo or a mild baby shampoo too. Use chilled water and not hot water for washing the wig. Remove the hair transplant from the wig before you spread the shampoo. Take a basin full of chilled water and mix the shampoo (1cap) in it and leave the wig soaked in it for around 3-4 minutes. Now rinse the wig gently without any twisting and turning of the wig. Just swirl it well in fresh clean water and shake to dry. You may squeeze out the extra water but do so very gently so as to prevent any harm to the wig. You may use a wig conditioner on the wig transplant for best results.

For drying the wig use a towel and leave the wig on it to dry. Alternatively you may use a stand for drying the wig too. Do not use a blow dryer as cheap wigs are made of synthetic fibers that are not conducive for blow during. You may use a wig brush to style the hair transplant after it has dried completely. You may also do some styling with the help of some styling products like hair mousse or gel and get the desired look.

Discount wigs are the best choice if you re buying the wig just on a whim for some fancy costume party. You can get some amazing discounts online on wigs that would not only make you look stunning but also add to your costume. Create a stunning persona and be the talk of the party with striking wigs. You may collect an assortment of various colors and cuts that you can alter depending on your mood and occasion.

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