Children’s Christmas book and music leverage affiliate marketing to raise funds for non-profits 

by Ty Mc Naulty Friday, November 06, 2009
As the national unemployment rate tops 10%, millions of unemployed and underemployed people are turning to non-profits for aid. Though the need is greater, donations are down an average of 30%, leaving many non-profits unable to service those in need. Finding new sources of donations without incurring costs becomes paramount.

By combining celebrating the holidays, education, inspiration, storytelling, music and fundraising with the viral nature of the internet, American author Laura D Lewis and British composer/songwriter Michael Brech developed a means for fundraising this holiday season. Storybook Advent Calendar, a fully illustrated collection of 24 classic and new Christmas themed short stories and Storybook Carols Collections, two music albums featuring America carol classics on volume one and British carol classics on volume two.

These digitally delivered affiliate promoted products work together or separately and appeal to both faith-based and secular charities.

WOODLAND HILLS, CA. NOVEMBER 6, 2009: Strapped for cash and inundated with need, non-profits continue to seek new avenues to raise funds while supporting their mission. A solution exists, which combines celebrating the holidays, education, inspiration, storytelling, music via a turn-key and virtually no-cost fundraising opportunity via the Storybook Advent Calendar™ and the Storybook Advent Carols Collections™, volumes one and two.

“As early as 2002 realized we were heading toward a global economic catastrophe,” explains the series co-creator Laura D Lewis. “Philanthropy remains my primary passion, so I sought solutions that could help those who help others, while leveraging my skills as an artist, writer and storyteller. That’s where the idea for The Storybook Advent Calendar came from. When Michael and I teamed up in England last year, creating the albums seemed natural.”

Writing under the name Lewis Brech, the duo selected a mixture of classics by Hans Christian Anderson, Charles Dickens, Khalil Gibran and others and wrote an additional seven original stories for the series. Lewis then illustrated these while Brech started on the music albums.

Creating digital products and using affiliate networking, a concept created by e-tailer in 1996 provides the perfect vehicle. For the non-profit, it costs nothing to implement, is virtually turn-key and produces results with minimal effort. All aspects including inventory management, fulfillment, distribution, transaction costs, marketing and sales are handled seamlessly behind the scenes, thus allowing churches and non-profits to focus serving the community rather than fundraising efforts.

“Digital books and music are a multi-billion dollar industry,” Lewis notes. “To my knowledge this is the first time it’s been used to specifically raise funds for a variety of organizations by a third party not tied to a specific charity.”

Looking forward Lewis hopes the Storybook Advent Calendar and Carols Collections will lead to more digital products designed to support good works and provide a means for non-profits to raise funds and educate people about their mission, ideas and beliefs.


The Storybook Advent Calendar is a fully illustrated children’s book of 24-stories by American Laura D Lewis and English musician, songwriter and composer Michael Brech. The team also performs and produced the Storybook Advent Carols Collections, two albums featuring classic Christmas carols: volume one American classics and volume two British classics. Los Angeles based Lewis is the author of the Laid Off Now What?!? Surviving Unemployment series and the founder of online relationship site Couples Company, Inc. Brech is a 35 year veteran composer, musician and songwriter based near Exeter, England.

Laura D Lewis
Storybook Advent, Couples Company, Inc.
Promotional copies of the children’s book and both music albums available upon request.

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