Someoneradar Free App for iPhone and Android Smartphone Has Just Been Released by Yoichi Hirai 

Someoneradar, iPhone and Android smartphone app created by Yoichi Hirai, has just been released and available on the market. This application will need device with phone compass and internet connection to give direction to other userís location.

by virtary indonesia Tuesday, February 22, 2011
21 February 2011,

After being set up professionally, now Someoneradar has just entered Android Market and iPhone application store and got a positive feedback from downloaders.

Basically, this application is simple. It uses phone compass and internet connection to show location to other Someoneradarís users around. It connects Someoneradar users when they are in a certain distance by displaying an arrow pointing to someone else using Someoneradar. The application will show each otherís status and message in a cool fantastic way. Itís safe as it automatically sends users' device id's and their location, but the information will be deleted within 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the device idís will be kept on secret.

This multi functions application was built for young, easy going, energetic people who loves networking, meeting new friends and enjoy the social life. Although the function of this application looks simple, it has actually many more benefits and advantages. In fact, some of the users said they met other users of Someoneradar, and enjoyed careful conversation, also love to imagine who they are text chatting with.

Someoneradar is a free ad supported application, all age app where everybody can use. Itís easy and comphrensive interface. Once it reached no 12th in entertainment category for Japanese App Store and surely itís growing.

To find more about this application and all functionalities
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