2011 spring Asian fashion street snap of handbags 

2011 spring Asian fashion street snap of handbags

by jay chou Tuesday, March 01, 2011
2011 spring Asian fashion street snap of handbags

During Paris fashion week, appreciate dress editors dressed in brightly and seductive fashionable from each big fashionable media, continuously live coverage from the phones emit. A friend told me to write about Paris fashion week street Japanese fashion bags. Actually I am a faraway onlooker, which have no immersive true feeling. So I start to say from the side of a onlooker.

Mention street shooting, I still have to repeat a few words. Because the mobile phone and Internet technology is developing rapidly, street shooting has become the important factor that influence
the public and fashion. Where there is fashion persons appeared, where there is camera crack. Beautiful photos spread around the world in a moment. Netizens sitting in front of the computer, or praise, or rebuke, or comment, or learn.

But, fashion week street shooting is different from street shooting in ordinary days. This difference is bag’s status. Normally women will choose classic and low-key plus size clothing when go to work or travel, shoes also won’t be too conspicuous, mainly reflect individual character by handbags, so bag is often the lightspot of total body. And when visit fashion week, there mainly are four types of people - the medias, buyers, models and Distinguished personages. To these people, fashion dress is work, dressing is working, so never low-key and vague. Their costume, often clothes is the largest watching focus, shoes second and bag back to third.

On show field, the largest number is probably fashion medias. There are some friends in the fashion industry tell me that watch whose show will take whose bag, otherwise will be too impolite. If one day you should go to several shows and have no time to change bag, then take a Chanel 2.55, brand public relations is unlikely to be angry.

Models leaving the show stage, are also called “model off-duty”, are the most "simple" group of all people. On show stage wear tiredly, very anxious to batch a sack piece on the streets. The models with tall figure good, like androgynous style that ordinary people can’t hold on. mostly Models’ bags are black and big.

Distinguished personages and Asian fashion designers are each other's appearance. The more Distinguished personages coming, the more honor designers will gain. Conversely, the more famous designers are, the more honor Distinguished personages will gain. Distinguished personages will normally be strictly observed with the principle that watch whose show take whose bag.

Buyers are the most "low-key". To them, fashion week means the high strength work. In addition to go to see the show, they also have to go to the designer studio, often a day has more than ten arrangement. Normally Buyers are a little older, and looks and figure are also not too good, so they don't attract photographer’s cameras, street shooting pictures are very less, but there are also exceptions.

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