2011 Korean fashion clothing neon color matching skills 

2011 Korean fashion clothing neon color matching skills

by jay chou Tuesday, March 01, 2011
2011 Korean fashion clothing neon color matching skills

I read an article that said in 2011 spring and summer neon contrast color trend will be popular, many people will think that so bright contrast color is too noisy for Asian fashion women, and not everyone is suitable for daily outfit. So this time I just will talk about right neon color match rules, and how to select neon items. It is all known, for fashion except for our heart of holding the curious to know, we also should have inclusive heart to accept, then more powerful heart to try, and acute heart to refine out your own style.

Peach red matches purple
This color matching really is so charm and lets you can’t help out of infatuation, upper body peach red is lightspot, bottoms purple lets whole body look not so top-heavy, in waist part you can use red to make the transition.

Orange matches peach red
This match is a group of active color, especially is the perfect match color for tan persons in this spring. The neon color collocation is to select adjacent color tonal from palette and divide whole color piece into several color pieces, but not looks too abrupt, just like musical scale, step by step, and into climax.

Pink matches purple
This match is most suitable for dating lover to build sweet and romantic modelling, you must know that the love index created by two romantic tonal meeting to spurt out is so amazing that others cannot understand.

Cyan matches Pink
This match will give you a feeling of fresh and lets you cheerful whole day, cyan plus size clothing coat is supposed to be necessary for spring closet, it can make the skin look white tender and elegantly.

Brilliant yellow matches purple
I really love purple, but I don't have a white skin and temperament to carry this noble color. But I can put it into a color piece with brilliant yellow’s light and purple’s steadiness. Such collocation, will let your become the focus of the office..

Purple matches green
Seriously, this is a color matching I never thought of, but recently it always most lets me unforgettable. Remember that at this time you should choose the sort mature leaves green. Matched purple should better be with silky smooth sheen. Here, I suddenly remembered this word “green waist ", it is said that it is a kind of soft thing of the Tang dynasty, meanwhile I also thought of willow which is described as the women’s waist.

Black matches multicolor
This is an interesting match, looking at it, does it like the discus picture of television when resting? This kind of Japanese fashion color is boxed by black, no longer multifarious, instead became a fresh color matching trend in spring and summer fashion.
In fact, if you can not quickly accept such large neon color upper part of the body at one time, and fill full of your eyeball, you may start from some neon color accessories, such as shoes, purses, scarf and so on, when you adapt to these dazzing jump feeling bringing you the public attention, at this moment, you might as well as following above color matching rules again to come into the neon trend in this spring.

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