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by Layla Kent Monday, March 07, 2011
There is neither a miracle nor a secret behind beautiful nails. In order to have nails that are shining and look beautiful, you have to take good care of them. It is not at all difficult but most of us just don’t get down to sparing some time as we don’t consider it to be one of our top priorities. The least one can do is at least use a nail file at home. Nail harmony is being used by home users with ease and with great results. The gelish soak off is very convenient; once you apply the gelish nail polish it lasts for about three weeks and taking it off takes about fifteen minutes.

The Hand and Nail Harmony nail polish has been voted the most inventive product in Belgium at a trade show organized by the Belgian beauty and wellness magazine, Pro Esthetic in conjunction with Professional Beauty & Wellness, an organization dealing in trade shows. The criteria for the winning product required it to be one that could bring a change in the industry. This gelish soak off was entered for the contest by the Belgian distributor for Nail Harmony and it was definitely worthwhile.

The gelish soak off is basically a color gel that is bottled with a twist cap as well as a brush for applying; you can apply it just like nail polish and then you have to cure it under an UV lamp. You can make use of the color gels available from Nail Harmony on your natural nails. Nail polish wearers who are always disappointed that their nail polish gets chipped or peeled sooner than they would like it to will jump at the opportunity to use something that lasts up to three weeks without peeling or chipping. And taking it off takes as little as fifteen minutes. Nail growth can be taken care of by using a fill-in coat just like you would in the case of ordinary nail polish.

The harmony nail polish is basically a UV nail gel that is applied in several steps; once it is applied you have to make use of an LED lamp or a UV lamp of 36 watts so as to cure the gel. Nail Harmony is very much like other kinds of gelish soak off available in the market like Shellac or OPI Axxium. You can use these on your natural nails without having to worry about damaging them like when you make use of acrylics. You have to apply it the same way as you would ordinary nail polish so it is not a difficult task for you if you have already been painting your own nails.

The gelish soak off from Nail Harmony is easily available on the Net in online stores and you can choose from a whole range of colors as per your tastes. There are so many colors available that you might even like to choose some to match your particular outfits.

Resource Box: So if you are looking to buy gelish soak off from Nail Harmony take a look at the collection available right here!

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