What is the Difference Between Cheap Wigs and Expensive Ones? 

by Layla Kent Tuesday, March 08, 2011
From cheap wigs to the most expensive ones, people from all walks of life use wigs to change or enhance their appearance. You will see wigs on movie stars and cross dressers and even wigs on dogs. They can be worn occasionally or every day, just because you want to or because you need to due to one of the many conditions that cause hair loss or thinning hair. There are human hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs; there are long wigs short wigs and extensions. Raquel Welsh has a line of wigs, and Jessica Simpson hair extensions are very popular. No matter why you want to wear a wig there’s little doubt that you will have difficulty finding one that suits your needs.

You will be faced with many decisions to make before your purchase and the more you know, the easier those decisions will be to make. Let’s take a look at wig construction, so you can decide which type of base you want for your wig. Cheap wigs can be put on a netting material, reinforced with a ribbon around the edge; it can be made of a flesh colored synthetic fabric, or even silk. If you choose to go with one of the Jessica Simpson hair extensions, it will come to you attached to a tiny clip that will secure it on to hair on minutes. You can expect to find elastic areas in almost all wigs to assure a secure fit. Try different kinds of caps to see what feels best to you. Half caps are usually more preferred in summer to keep your head from getting too hot. Full caps cover the majority of your head and can be very hot.

There are two basic ways to attach hair to the wigs foundation. Wigs used to be put together by weaving the ends of the hair, human or synthetic, in to a warp made by three silk threads. It forms something called a weft of hair. These wefts are then stitched on to the cap. The other method is much quicker and of course it is a cheaper wig once it hits the market. Now most of the wigs can be made from special sewing machines that have been adapted for this purpose. Both methods are used in wig making and the one that’s less laborious makes for the markets selection of cheap wigs. Jessica Simpson hair extensions can be made either way which explains the rather large difference in price. You can find some cheap wigs that are constructed of a combination of both of these methods. In this instance, wefts are used in the main part of the wig but the edges are done by hand stitching for a smoother appearance.

When it comes time for you to pick out your own wig, pay attention to the construction of cheap wigs and compare to more expensive ones to decide if the money is worth the difference. Jessica Simpson hair extensions are very well priced and can be found made both ways. It really comes down to your own personal preference, but it really helps to understand the differences before you shop.

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