Engineered Oak Flooring Brings the Elegance of Nature to Your Home 

by Layla Kent Thursday, March 10, 2011
Oak has always been a favorite flooring material for many decades. It is considered as one of the most beautiful types of wood that could bring elegance to a room. There is also no denying the fact that oak floors are highly durable. With proper maintenance, they could last for several generations without losing their original appeal. Unfortunately, oak wood is becoming more and more expensive. If you still want to bring the elegance of nature into your home, then you should consider using engineered oak flooring.

In terms of styling and strength, engineered oak flooring is similar to solid oak floor. However, this material is made by cutting only a thin layer of oak approximately four to six millimeters. The plank will be bonded to several layers of ply boards to achieve the right thickness. Because of this, engineered oak becomes cheaper as more floor boards are created from a single tree. The good news is that engineered oak has the same aesthetic appeal as the original solid wood version. That is because the top layer or the visible part of the board is made from a thin slice of oak. Your home will still look classy and sophisticated but you do not have to pay too much for the floor boards.

Apart from its unique elegance and affordability, engineered oak flooring is more stable and dependable. Solid oak floors are excellent and they have incredible durability. However, solid oak has a propensity to change its shape. If oak gets wet, then your floor boards will expand. This hardwood will also contract if it gets too dry. That is why builders create spaces between oak floor boards to make room for possible expansion. You will never have to worry about this problem if you have engineered oak floors. That is because the bonding materials between the solid oak layer and the ply wood layers provide greater stability for your floor boards. The bonded multilayered floor boards are stronger, more stable and suitable for all weather conditions.

Engineered oak flooring can be safely used on areas that are exposed to moisture. Because of the resilience of engineered oak floors to moisture, it is possible to use them as bathroom or kitchen flooring. And if you want to save a lot of money when constructing a house, you can use engineered oak wood as flooring material for wide rooms such as the master’s bedroom, living room and the dining area. When shopping for engineered oak flooring, you have to make sure that the appearance of the boards closely resembles the original solid wood version. Oak has natural fissures and surface cracks. The manufacturer of the engineered version should maintain the natural appearance of oak.

Oak floor boards can be installed in two ways. You can use conventional nails and screws or use synthetic adhesive to install the floor boards. If you do not have much experience installing wooden floor boards, the best approach is to let the professionals do the job for you. You will get better results if the installation of the oak boards is done by a competent builder or contractor.

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