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by Layla Kent Friday, March 11, 2011
Photography is an art, one that allows those who practice it to express themselves and their creativity. For those who want to practice photography in its true form, Holga is the best choice. This camera is not the kind that you would expect; it does not belong to the digital camera category, nor does it have complicated functions. As a matter of fact, Holga camera is simple, cheap and yet it provides one with top quality photographs. In order to convince yourself of its quality, you just have to purchase one and give it a try.

If you don’t like having always to choose one setting or another on your digital camera, then perhaps you should be interested in using Holga. With this camera, you can return to the basics and take photos, enjoying the settings that are simple. There are limited features that come with the Holga camera and you won’t certainly be bothered by this fact, especially when you will see how the photos have turned out in the end. The shutter speed is fixed, there are few apertures that can be selected and you will take your photos through plastic lenses. Can you imagine taking photos with just these settings? You just have to try it in order to convince yourself.

There is no challenge in photographing with a digital camera, as all the settings are right there in front of your eyes. The challenge comes from taking photographs with a simple camera such as Holga, without complicated settings and different lenses. Allow yourself to re-discover things like film rolls, fixed shutter speeds and everything else that Holga camera has to offer. Whether you are just entering in the field of photography or you have years of experience working as a photographer, you should give Holga a try and let your digital camera stay at home for a while. With the passing of time, you will discover Holga as a different flavor, one that will teach you the simple things, things without photography couldn’t have existed.

While digital photography has various advantages to present to photographers from all over the world, it is just as true that Holga will teach you a lot of things. You should stop for a moment and do not waste all of your money on expensive equipment, trying to change lenses and other accessories. With Holga, you do not need anything else. You can wake up in the morning, take your Holga camera with you and take photos of the things that you like the most. No need to change lenses, no need to charge the accumulator or anything like that. Holga is the camera that saves you a lot of time, allowing you to learn other things that are more important.

Holga camera is a favorite of those who are into lomography. Even though there may be many skeptics out there, saying that this cheap camera does not amount to much, for those who know the field of lomography, this camera is more than perfect. It is because of the cheap components that have been used for its making that photographers prefer it for lomography. Things like blurring or image leaks are two attributed of the Holga camera that you will certainly discover on your own.

Resource box: Come to our website and discover Holga, the camera that says everything about lomography. We invite you to discover all the features of the Holga camera, so that you can decide whether it’s worth buying or not.

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