Sony Play Station Portable 3000 

by devcasino devcasino Sunday, March 13, 2011
The PSP(PlayStationPortable) system is first truly integrated portable entertainment system designed to handle multiple applications music, video, photo, internet, and wireless connectivity, with games as it key feature. Choose whom to play, where to play and when to play two multiplayer modes let you take on the world or just your buddies. Digital Images: Carry your favorite pictures with you wherever you go. Enjoy your favorite music whenever, wherever you like! Its easy to save and play your favorite MP3s. With Wi-Fi functionality you can go online with your PSP or communicate directly with other PSP systems. Play games online, browse the web and more. Dazzling widescreen LCD brings gaming to life! It couldnt be simpler to transfer multimedia files between PLAYSTATION and PSP Slim & Lite. Just hook them up with a USB cable and you are ready to go. A new Video Out connecter for viewing movies, pictures and games on TV.

Entertainment on The Go

Sony Play Station Portable 3000 is an ergonomically fashioned device that not only lets you enjoy gaming on the go, but also lets you have all your favorite music and movies stocked in one tiny gadget, or access your photos in an instant, anytime and anywhere. Internet features let you engage in battles with other players, making every minute of your time spent with this Sony Play Station Portable 3000 in your hands increasingly interesting.

Salient Features

Sony Play Station Portable 3000 brings gaming to life. The advanced 4.3-inch widescreen LCD screen provides more natural and vibrant displays - an interesting sight to your eyes indeed! When you open you open your picture album or start playing videos, what you get to see is a clear display of your collection, although with a bit of glare. With Sony Play Station Portable 3000, you can easily store your favorite music, videos or photos.

The Wi-Fi functionality in Sony Play Station Portable 3000 takes you online. This opens the doors to the World Wide Web letting you browse more. You can now communicate with other PSP systems easily and play the most select of games. It also has DaxterTM, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, Fireteam, Bravo 2, LocoRocoTM, and more! Its multiplayer modes add to your excitement. You may encounter small inconsistency in the display when it starts playing high-speed scenes in videos and games.

The functionality of the video-out port comes with Sony Play Station Portable 3000 which allows you to also enjoy games on TV. Even problem of connectivity between PSPTM Slim & Lite and your play station is solved when you connect the two with USB cable. This make sit easier to transfer files from your play station.


The Sony Play Station Portable 3000 comes in 170 x 17.8 x 71 mm dimensions; whereas it weighs just over 200 grams. There are two versions of this model ? one comes in shiny piano black finish and the other comes in silver matte finish. The screen being the smooth and shiny needs your care to keep it free of fingerprints.


Sony Play Station Portable 3000 stepping up the ladder of the most sought after play stations because of well-made design. All in all, this Sony product is a good buy. Moreover, its 4.3-inch wide screen projecting vibrant color display attracts your attention.

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