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When you speak of desktop clock, the first thing that comes to mind is an analog clock or a digital clock. The brain has been conditioned to identify things that you often see everyday.

by Gail Black Monday, March 21, 2011
When you speak of desktop clock, the first thing that comes to mind is an analog clock or a digital clock. The brain has been conditioned to identify things that you often see everyday. So a clock could mean a circular object with dials and numbers on its face. It could also be a set of glowing digital numbers that tell the hours, minutes, and seconds. But what if you can have desktop clocks with extraordinary designs and features? Here are some of the most bizarre yet very stylish clocks that you can proudly show off to your friends.

The Scenery clock is one of the most popular desktop clocks today. It also serves as dynamic wallpaper for your PC. This PC clock is technically not a conventional clock because it will not directly tell you the time. Instead of the usual clock hands and numbers, the scenery design reflects the actual time of the day. In the morning, the sun will move across your desktop to represent the time. At night, the sun will be replaced by the moon and it will also move as the hours pass by. This type of wallpaper clock adds a nice touch to your desktop. It brings the outdoors right inside your computer.

Another very popular and unconventional desktop clock for your PC is the wagon wheel design. This is one of the most colorful desktop clocks that will make your computer more exciting and attractive. The wagon wheel clock looks more like a color wheel because the dials and numbers are very colorful. This clock can tell you the time and date. The face is large enough to serve as a nice background for your desktop. But if you want a clean desktop, then the minimalist design of the No Circle concept clock is best for you. This clock has no circle or any background. The numbers that represent hours, minutes, and seconds rotate around your desktop. The white background of the No Circle clock creates a very neat look for your PC.

Two of the most exciting desktop clocks available today are the Binary and Abstract Concept clocks. These wallpaper clocks are obviously not for everyone. But if you are looking for a concept design that will awe your friends, then these clocks are your best options. The Binary clock is suitable for people who can understand binary codes. The time display is not represented in numbers but in binary format. This clock sits on a diagonally striped background. If you can not read binary format, you should consider downloading the abstract concept clock. Like most abstract designs, this clock defies description. It features three horizontal ladders that represent hours, minutes, and seconds. These ladders move across the desktop and make your background more dynamic.

These are just some of the most unconventional desktop clocks available for you. These clocks do not look like real clocks. They have extraordinary designs that will make your PC more attractive and exciting. Most importantly, the bizarre designs of these clocks will awe your friends.

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