The Impact of the New Google Algorithm on Search Engine Optimization 

The web is abuzz with speculations after Google implemented a new algorithm for indexing websites and web pages.

by Lola Babe Monday, March 21, 2011
The web is abuzz with speculations after Google implemented a new algorithm for indexing websites and web pages. More specifically, the new algorithm targets the so-called content farms or websites that churn out low quality and useless content to game the search engines. The recent changes obviously have a big impact on some search engine optimization strategies. More specifically, SEO experts are not sure anymore if it is worthwhile to build backlinks using known content farms such as article directories, content hubs, and large scale blog networks.

In the past, building backlinks through article directories is one of the most effective SEO strategies to boost the search engine exposure of your website. But with the recent algorithm change, some of the most popular article directories and content hubs have been hit by as much as 60 percent drop in search engine traffic. So if your search engine optimization strategy is relying heavily on article marketing, your website might also suffer from a sudden drop in search engine traffic. And if you are using rehashed articles, scraped content, and PLRs for your blog or website, then Google might slap you with a content farm penalty. Instead of higher search engine exposure, you might find your website on page 10 of Google’s search result.

Fortunately, there are ways how to overcome the so-called content farm algorithm. First, you need to understand why Google has implemented such big changes in indexing websites. The search giant wants to give online searchers more meaningful and useful results. Basically, this means that you have to stick with the basics so that your on-page SEO strategies will not be affected. The basics include delivering high quality unique content with useful insights and analysis. So if you are used to spinning content out of PLR and writing gibberish articles just to game the search results, then you have to mend your ways. Your on-page search engine optimization strategy will become more effective if you carefully produce well written and highly unique articles.

Another thing to consider is the value of article marketing to your SEO efforts. You have to take note that some article directories and content hubs are now struggling to regain their lost traffic. It does not mean however that you should abandon article marketing as a search engine optimization tactic. In fact, you should still persist in submitting articles to build more backlinks to your site. But you have to make sure that your own website contains unique and high quality content. Your site’s search engine exposure will improve if you deliver useful and informative articles. And the backlinks you created from the article directories can still be considered by Google spiders as votes of confidence.

Search engine optimization has become a lot trickier nowadays. With the introduction of the content farm algorithm, the old practice of duplicating and spinning content to boost search exposure may not be effective anymore. You have to return to the basic SEO strategies which include delivering high quality optimized content and ethical backlink building.
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