Apple iPhone 5 deals A June 2011 release is likely! 

It is human nature to speculate. And this attrbute of ours come to the fore more so in the case of phone handsets that are about to be released. Naturally the maximum amount of such indulgence is reserved for the Apple iPhone 5.

by macy busson Tuesday, March 22, 2011
But one thing is certain. As on date, there are no mobile phone deals for the Apple iPhone 5 that is yet to be launched.

Even as the whole mobile phone world is waiting with bated breath for the arriva l of the iPhone 5 deals , it is pertinent to reconfirm when this coveted next generation phone device is actually going to land here. Taking into consideration the recent developments and the timeframe that is facing Apple, it is now more or less certain that we will get to see the Apple iPhone 5 only in June or July, 2011. Let us now look at the reasons for saying this –

We are nearing the end of the first quarter of 2011. Still, there is no clear cut signs from Apple, that we are going to have a early 2011 release of the Apple iPhone 5.

Secondly, the suggestion raised by some including The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that there will be an early release of a much smaller sized Apple iPhone Nano also is open to serious doubts. As following this hint, The New York Times, citing an anonymous source said that Apple has no intentions of bringing out a smaller iPhone to deal with competition from cheap Android-based phones. Ths source clearly stated that "The size of the device would not vary."

The devastating earthquake and the tsunami that followed in Japan is likely to have an adverse impact on the pre fixed dealines and timeframes all around. Including the Apple iPhone 5. Already, it is reliably learnt that Apple will struggle to meet the demand requirements of its recently launched Apple iPad 2. This is because certain key components like the NAND Flash memory, that is produced by Toshiba Corporation is stuck. This was reported by the his iSuppli, a research firm.

In such situations, it is always sensible to be a little more cautious in our predictions.

All ths does point to Apple sticking with its conventional timeframe of a June or July release for all its iPhones for the iPhone 5 as well.

Therefore, it will be another two months before the iPhone 5 lands carried by some Apple iPhone 5 deals.

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