Voice Broadcasting Campaigns Are a Pleasure Indeed  

by amy perry Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Voice Broadcasting Campaign has become very popular in the electronic media. In case you require running voice broadcast campaigns, there are three options from which you can select: Pay per live transfer, Pay per delivery or Pay per minute. Now it is entirely up to you for which format you would like to select and which will be cost effective. You should have knowledge before selecting any of the 3 options. It depends on your campaign, maybe the first option will work well for some people in terms of monetary expenditure but that does not mean it will be the same for you. So you should study the merits and demerits of the three options and then make your final selection. 

Pay per Live Transfer:  In this first option for Voice Broadcasting you will be charged a fixed amount for each call. Here the user presses the required digit “1” for your recorded message. That call is duly transferred to you and is taken as one call. Here the duration of the call is not taken into account but taken as one call only. That means you pay the cost of one call whether the duration is for 1 minute or 60 minutes. Industry sources say that this system is very easy and you can make your own calculation which is not difficult. But if your average calls last for a few minutes only, then the fixed cost for Voice Broadcast amount may be high for you. The pay per click will be suitable for you. 

Pay per Delivery: In this option of Voice Broadcasting you have to pay the fixed amount for every message delivered to you. This option works better for those who need messages delivered to their answering machines. The messages are delivered very fast and the option of pay per minute will fall cheap for you, with regard to Voice Broadcasts and services, so think carefully if this is what you want.

Pay per Minute: This Voice Broadcasting option according to us may fall costly in term of cost. Here there are many systems involved where a lot of time is lost. First you have to be connected or system time. Then there is rounding. After that there are numbers of decimal digits to be used and finally the call timing. This method is a bit lengthy but then you may find it suitable because it cam also be least expensive as a Voice Broadcast option.

The only advice on Voice Broadcasting we can offer you is because there are a lot of factors involved in all 3 options and no one can tell exactly which one falls cheap or expensive. You have to study all 3 options and have immense Voice Broadcast service knowledge of all options well. The only way to find out is by trying all 3 options on a monthly basis and then selecting which is suitable to you and also cost effective. In effect, you should go online and visit forums with experts who speak on this subject and would give you more tips and advise for the same.

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