What Can You Expect With the Not So Amazing Voice Broadcasting Services?  

by amy perry Tuesday, March 22, 2011
The New Voice Broadcaster or businesses have their own view about making the use of Voice broadcasting services. They think that most of the majority responses they receive will turn into good leads. But we regret to state that this far from the fact. There is a section of responses which could give you good leads. A Voice broadcasting company should be given a very thoughtful approach and good business methods can bring in a lot of profit.    

When the Voice broadcasting services receives live answer phones only and presses one for live transfer to the sales staff manning it and who delivers the campaign messages accordingly. Usually they get 15% to 20% long call rate. A long call rate means it is a call where both parties are on the phone for a minimum of one and half minutes. This does not mean that long calls can be said to be good leads by the broadcaster. Some Voice broadcasting company’s have informed us that if they receive half or even less long calls, it is a good lead for them. 

Before proceeding on a Voice broadcasting services it is very important to get your business metrics considered very carefully. For instance the effective cost for a long call comes to $25 and 50% are of good leads. They can close it on 25% of the good leads. So the total amount of sale is $200. If the profit for a single sale does not amount to more than $200 then it is not possible to use a Voice broadcasting company as a profit because of some wrong calculation in their own business metrics. 

These numbers shown will vary widely among the industry in such a way that it will affect both the message from the Voice broadcasting services as well as the targeted audience. For instance utilizing the internet through a hypothetical Voice broadcasting company by the name of Wonderful Web Widgets which are trying to sell web site services to small businesses so that they can display their wares with all relevant information. But this would be fully wrong to send a broadcast to an all businesses list which will also include large businesses which is not in the target and then there are small businesses who find it not necessary at all to require a web site. 

It is a loss for sending messages to beauty parlours and accountants, since these people will never be interested at all. The mode of Voice broadcasting services and campaigns also has to be seen. Here we have written only on live delivered messages. There are still other modes like answer machines and voice mails offer by any reputed Voice broadcasting company’s these days. According to our information the usual response rate for live delivery transfer campaign should be 0.6% and 1%.. This means that for every 100 calls which are delivered to live answered line there is less than 1 transfer. 

For other Voice broadcasting services like leaving message on answer machine and voice mail the numbers will be extremely low because the receiver if he is interested in the campaign will call back by just pressing “1” during a live message. It is very difficult to trace the numbers because the return call back to the Voice broadcasting company does not utilize the broadcast system., but the broadcasters who use this system have informed us that the call back ratio  is between 25% and 33% of the live transfer set for that kind of message. 

Resource box: While planning a campaign you must get your business metrics properly done because for any business person Voice broadcasting services is very important because along with the calling list for delivery and the messages delivered may increase his business as perceived by the Voice broadcasting company, visit us to clarify your doubts.

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