Classic Korean fashion lolita shirt showing Hepburn temperament 

Classic Korean fashion lolita shirt showing Hepburn temperament

by jay chou Tuesday, March 22, 2011

With years’ baptism, realised that the real korean fashion can stand the test of time. the such fashion, is a classic. Hepburn's sunglasses is still popular, the little black skirt she wore will never be outdated. This spring women shirts will also be designed with "Hepburn style", creating elegant temperament!

two-tone the short sleeve shirt

Classic design black two-tone shirt is handsome and new attitude. Match with korean fashion bronze buckles ornament is absolutely classic and vintage. No matter the shorts’ wavy edge, or the small hat in spring, both are tracing the 1950s elegant plot. The girl’s comely face is particularly lively and delicate.

Case grain boundary sleeve collar shirt

Still remember the scene that Hepburn wearing fit clipping concise white shirts, when sleeve collar matches vintage case grain decoration, added a piece of unique colour, what is more is a woman’s confidence. When woman elegantly smiled she is given with only elegant temperament.

Elliptic little lapel shirt

The Girl Next Door knindness, Suave and comely. elliptic small lapel is the symbol of Hepburn style, light color combinates with white sleeve, clean and neat temperament conquered all the people's attention. No matter collocate bust skirt or shoulder-straps skirt, both will emanate charming temperament.

Palace sleeve shirt

On panasonic tight stereoscopic palace sleeve deducing thick leisure flavor. Short skirts and wide hips unlcerc packets seal, constrictive waist line to the whole body looks unlcerc fuller line feels dye-in-the-wood. Clew petite figure of girl, worried that they wear a feminine taste MM can boldly try oh!

Cultivate morality concise style shirt

Shirt fabric is good at covering the sickness of figure, but if breast shape is not perfect enough, you also can’t wear to show a good temperament! As long as at the part of chest line add color piece for decoration which not only complement breast shape, but also makes waistline particularly conspicuous.

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