The Activecare Pilot Standard 3-Wheel Scooter has features that are found on many heavy duty scooters and can be bought at half the price 

by Richard Foldoe Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Top Mobility is proud to announce the sell of their latest product, the Activecare Pilot Standard 3-Wheel Scooter. This scooter has exceptional quality. It is a medium-sized scooter that rides like a heavy duty scooter. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds which easily fits many users’ needs. The engineering is reinforced to allow the extra weight to hold on the scooter. Many medium-sized scooters hold an average of 250 pounds, which eliminates some bariatric patients from using it. The Activecare Pilot is complete with safety features that are perfect for users of all types.

In the way of safety, users have the advantage of anti-tip wheels. These anti-tip wheels are great for safety because regardless of where the user is they will maintain balance to ensure the user will not get knocked over. Tipping can happen with the slightest bump, or even riding too close to the edge of a rise or obstruction. The anti-tip wheels help keep the user grounded so no issues can result from it. The Activecare Pilot Standard 3-Wheel Scooter is also complete with foam-filled, flat-free tires. These tires help keep the user balanced. The foam acts as a shock absorber and reducer. Where this comes in handy is on bumpier surfaces. Because this scooter can be used outside the home, it is vital to have a scooter that can withstand any environment. The flat-free tires also prevent users from getting off their scooter to either change the tire or repair it. Changing or repairing tires can be strenuous and cause stress to the body.

The scooter’s ability to maintain a 12 degree maximum incline is also good for users to traverse many environments. Pilot Standard’s total ground clearance is three inches which makes it much safer for people to ride around. The ground clearance helps clear unseen obstructions. They are also beneficial in that hitting a dip or a rise the bottom of the scooter will clear the ground. These obstructions can cause the scooter to tip over and cause imbalances. A good ground clearance is beneficial over the course of the use of the scooter.

There are comfort features perfect for users as well. The Captain’s Seat is something to behold because it is extra plush. The plushness of the Activecare Pilot Standard 3-Wheel Scooter will be extremely useful to all scooter users and types. The seat has adjustable depth and width that can fit any size individual. There is no use in having a non-adjustable chair because every user has different needs. Adjusting is a great way to get more comfortable. The armrests are also adjustable.

Each Activecare Pilot Standard model has variable speeds of 0-6 miles per hour and can go a maximum distance of 22 miles, giving the user tremendous diversity in setting up their day.

The Activecare Pilot Standard 3-Wheel Scooter is also lightweight that it does not become a problem for users to put up and stow away for transportation purposes. Some medium-sized scooters weigh on average 300 pounds. The Activecare Pilot Standard 3-Wheel Scooter weighs in at 121 pounds without the battery and 170 with the battery.

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