The South Carolina Flag 

by Hans Tree Friday, March 25, 2011
Like each respective nation in Europe, each state in the United States of America has or (better said) flies its respective flag from residential flag poles of all kinds. For example, the flag of the South Carolina is one of many historical flags that have been representing states for years.

During the 60-s of the 18th century, a group of opponents met together to voice objection, behind a blue flag, which showed 3 white crescents. Some years later, a certain William Moultrie was asked to produce a flag design for the South Carolina troops. A few decades later the so called "palmetto tree" was added to the banner, which was done on behalf of William's defense of a fortification against the forces of the Kingdom of Great Britain, back in June of '76.

There a quite a number of state flags in the United States of America that are considered "ugly." According to a review or survey held by the North American Vexillological Association, a non-profit organization, the South Carolina flag comes in tenth. Meaning it is considered the tenth best designed official flag attached to flag poles.

The so called "colony of Carolina" was first settled by the English, interestingly mostly where from the island of Barbados. The English King at the time sent 8 aristocrats via a royal charter to settle this territory. Parts of the territory were colonized some years earlier by the Spanish. Following some battles between the Spanish and Native Americans led to the retreat of the Spanish people to nearby Florida, the island of Cuba, even Mexico, and other parts of South America.

Personally, I like the South Carolina state flag, for various reasons. It displays beautifully from aluminum flag poles even in the slightest amount of wind. Manufacturers produce the flag from good materials, including nylon and polyester using the correct design of this historical flag.

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