The Pioneer 3-Wheel Scooter is a luxury scooter in the best possible way and it produces a high level of comfort and durability 

by Richard Foldoe Friday, March 25, 2011
Top Mobility, the leader in online scooter retail, proudly announces the addition of the Pioneer Three-Wheel Scooter, a scooter that combines the best features in size, durability, speed and comfort. The S131 scooter comes equipped with a deluxe captain back seat which fits even the tallest of users. It also provides perfect lumbar support to give the back the cushioning it needs. Lumbar support is often underrated but in the long run on life it is very important because it supports your body’s balance. Scooter users will benefit from having a scooter that can provide the perfect lumbar support. The seat itself is adjustable and can be easily slid to make sure that the scooter can be as comfortable as possible. Seating helps with the overall comfort and its positioning is a detrimental part to that. The position should be adjustable so users can get into a different position to change their posture. The Pioneer Three-Wheel Scooter does exactly that.

The S131 is one of the most powerful scooters in the Merits line. The power is evidenced by a DC24V, 250W motor. This is a powerful motor that gives the scooter the ability to travel up to 5 miles per hour at a range of 18 miles. 18 miles is a long way to go for a three-wheel scooter. That is unparalleled mileage for a three-wheel scooter. Average range or a three-wheel scooter is 10 miles.

Safety features are also abundant on this scooter. This scooter comes complete with headlights and tail lights. These features allow the scooter to be seen by co-riders or travelers. The lights are also reflective giving them better visibility during the day. Another safety feature is that of the size of the tires. Each tire is 10-inch tires, giving it bulk to help keep the scooter balanced. It also gives it more power to handle any type of environment that the scooter will encounter. Smaller tires have difficulties getting through certain terrain like grassy areas or areas that are full of sand and mud. The tires also have the ability to be filled with foam, meaning that it gives the scooter a “bouncier” feeling, keeping it grounded better. This comes in handy when dealing with any ride outside.

The clearance of the scooter is 4 inches. The Pioneer Three-Wheel Scooter has a bigger ground clearance to ensure it won’t bump or scrape the ground, causing cosmetic damage in the process. A taller clearance also creates better resistance against stronger winds.

Top Mobility is proud to have this scooter in their collection because it is a heavy duty scooter masked in a medium-sized scooter. It is an effective scooter that can be travelled with easily and it can be used by several types of users. The weight capacity is that of 450 pounds, making it the only medium-sized scooter capable of holding that weight. The total weight of the scooter with the battery is 179 pounds. Without the battery, the scooter comes in at 153 pounds. It effectively transports and will be an excellent ride for any scooter.

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