Real Plants That Never Need Water! 

If you like having house plants but donít have a green thumb or are never satisfied with artificial then you need these plants in your home.

by Robert Key Wednesday, March 30, 2011
If you like having house plants but donít have a green thumb or are never satisfied with artificial then you need these plants in your home.

Many of us are great at keeping real plants alive and know exactly how much water to give them, how much fertilizer they need, etc. There are many of us, such as myself, that kill everything green thing we come in contact with. Iíve tried everything and just canít seem to get it right, so some of us go to artificial plants and trees to try to compensate for our lack of green thumbism. Artificial plants look nice but they just donít have the same look or feel of a real plant when youíre up close. So for those of us that are green thumb challenged and are picky as to what goes into our dťcor Iíve found a solution. with itís very natural looking silk flowers and plants has just come out with a new preserved line of lush greenery. Preserved, real plants with no watering and they wonít turn brown. Since theyĎre real they look and feel just like the real thing but without the maintenance. No more worries when you go off on vacation of who is going to water the plants when youíre gone or will your guests be able to tell that my silk plants are fake. Now donít get me wrong, They have some great looking silks and itís hard to tell the difference but nothing beats the look of a preserved plant or tree. With a large selection of Preserved plants they also have different colors such as red, burgundy and of course greens. You canít get any more realistic than real plants and their line is top notch.

For a limited time they have a sale going on offering free shipping for $75 or more on your order along with a coupon code I found that will give you an additional 10% off their already insanely low pricing. Enter code: PR2007 during checkout and it will take the discount off your entire order but hurry up Iím not sure how much longer this coupon will be good for. Visit to view their selection and donít forget the coupon.

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