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by devcasino devcasino Thursday, March 31, 2011
The CD Players slowly made their inroads in to the Indian market during the late 90’s replacing the age old reliable cassettes. Sony holds in a paramount credit for introducing the Compact discs into the Indian markets. Slowly and steadily the CD players have continuously outplayed themselves by repeated innovations and altercations.

Right after the introduction of the CD’s, the CD players slowly but steadily made a rapid heave in the ever booming Indian consumer market. At first we had the traditional Music System coming along with the CD players, which would only play selected formats; say for an instance back then only Audio Files alone. Then along with many innovations and inventions the CD players went on to become more and more compact and t top it, it also started supporting and playing a various formats, including the mp3, mp4, dvd’s, videos, car cd’s, and off late aloso data and presentation discs.

The CD Players along with their utility filled functions, not only reduces the pain of carrying the cassettes and could be easily repeatedly used, instead of the cassettes as the repeated use of those could cause damage of theirs.

While we state that the CD players have turned compact over the years, it indeed has modified and modeled itself in many a ways best suitable for both the tech savvy’s and the first time users alike. When we had the big sized home theatre systems out dated then we had the slab shaped players coming in which wouldn’t take up much of the space but could also deliver superior performance. However the rise and establishment of the disc man, turned things round hugely in their favor.

However many multimedia players with equally innovative formats such as that of storage capacity in an I pod for instance have again swung the wind against the cd players, thanks to their less hassles and easy access and file transfer capacities. But as they say you can never get from a lake what you need from an ocean, still the rick surround sound experience which the traditional CD player would give is far from what the I pods or other such accessories would give.

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