Website Offers Information, Tips and Tricks on How to Make Hair Grow Faster 

by Robert Key Thursday, March 31, 2011
Long, luxurious hair makes anyone look younger, but information on how to make hair grow faster to attain that youthful look can be in short supply. provides the information individuals need to grow the long tresses they desire.

“The website offers tips on how to make hair grow faster and provides free advice on hair growth and hair care,” said Kelly Johnson, business analyst and a fan of the site.

Hair normally grows at a rate of approximately half an inch per month, or six inches per year, and increased hair growth is possible. The website provides valuable information, tips and tricks on how to make hair grow faster, for men and women. The site also offers information on obtaining thicker hair.

Hair that’s cared for properly will grow faster than hair that’s over styled, blow dried and straightened. Learning how to make hair grow faster relies on regularly haircuts to remove dead ends, allowing hair to absorb needed nutrients to help keep it looking shiny and healthy. Choosing a shampoo developed for specific types of hair is crucial, as is selecting one that provides gentle nourishment. offers tips and information that anyone can used to obtain longer, thicker locks. For those who may not get the nutrition they need, a daily vitamin can help in obtaining the needed nutrients for increased hair growth. Biotin can also be helpful, and is considered by many as an essential supplement for growing longer hair and in the maintenance of blood, bones and nerves.

A number of B vitamins are needed for growing hair faster. Vitamin C is also recommended for how to make hair grow faster, as it acts as an antioxidant to help repair hair that has sustained damage due to wind, sun and pollutants. Vitamins work on hair and on follicles to promote hair growth.

Many men want to learn how to make hair grow faster, and not just on their heads. Men who long for a thick, distinguished looking beard can also find help on the website. A thin beard doesn’t have to be a lifelong condition. It helps to identify where facial hair may not be growing well, requiring men to grow their beards for a month without trimming. Massaging the face with eucalyptus oil is a well know remedy for aiding the growth of facial hair.

Some men experience dandruff-like scaling when growing a beard. A dandruff shampoo can be used on beards to alleviate the problem. It’s important for men to know that the growth of facial hair often decreases with age. Remedies for how to make hair grow faster will require greater persistence for older individuals. provides a wealth of information on how to make hair grow faster, for men and women. Tips are available on vitamins, diets, shampoos and oils that will make hair grow faster and thicker for the long, luxurious locks that everyone wants.

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