Exploring Limpopo on your Travel Africa 

by amy perry Sunday, April 03, 2011
If you are one of those story enthusiasts who read the work of Rudyard Kipling as a child then when you hear Limpopo it will definitely ring a bell. In any case the Limpopo river is where the elephant child obtained its trunk from. But whoever goes on one of these Africa holidays will find that Kipling didn’t really do justice to the Limpopo river in his description; in fact it is a lot better, bigger and even more wonderful than he made it out to be. Travel Africa is something you just must not miss if you get an opportunity. It is a land that will fascinate you with all its beauty, wilderness, legends and myths and all its attractions which we will discuss here.

While on travel Africa don’t miss the Great Baobabs which are huge trees which are said to be some of the oldest in the continent and some of them are said to be even as many as three millenniums old. These astonishing trees are among the sights that will greet you when you go to see Limpopo while on your Africa holidays. A kind of ecosystem in themselves, these trees appear as if they were planted with the roots up and they not only provide food for wildlife but serve as homes too for the likes of baboons, bush babies and fruit bats.

One of the most popular attractions to see when you go on your South Africa holidays is the biggest Baobab Tree situated at Sunland; this has been converted into what is now a railway pub which can accommodate 60 people. In the olden days, the kings, tribal leaders and village elders would meet under the shade of the huge baobab trees, hoping that the spirit of the trees would impart wisdom and guide them in matters that were very important. When you go on your travel Africa make sure you don’t miss the elephant child, the crocodiles and plenty more animals. A major area of the famous Kruger National Park is found in the province of Limpopo. It has over a dozen different ecosystems and has nearly 150 different species of mammals which include lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalo and elephants. Then there are at least 116 species of reptiles including the crocodiles, 34 species of amphibians and 505 bird species. You could opt for the Africa safaris if you so wish.

Besides Kruger, there are as many as 40 other national parks, nature conservancies and game reserves where you can go sighting fauna and flora in Limpopo. So if you have the chance to travel Africa then you can be sure that you will have plenty to see and do on your South Africa holidays.

When you opt for the South Africa holidays you will find that the great sights have some myths associated with them like the Thathe Vondo Forest On your travel Africa don’t miss the Lake Fundudzi close by which is said to be so holy that visitors are forbidden to go to the shore; they have to view it with their backs turned to it from between their legs bending down.

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