Why Sterilize the Surgical Instrument 

by Layla Kent Sunday, April 03, 2011
The surgical instrument is said to have come into existence in the Sumerian times in 3000 B.C. when scientists came across a few bronze knives that resembled the scalpels of today in southern Iraq. Evidence has been found that shows that during the Stone Age men made use of tools to relieve pressure in the skull after serious head injuries. Ever since those days, the advances in the instruments surgical have moved so fast that today some of the instruments might even have robots. Besides the surgical instruments, the x rays machines too have advanced greatly from their old fashioned counterparts.

The continuous improvement of the surgical instrument has facilitated doctors to get a much better understanding of how they can improve health and save lives by setting right problems with our bodies that reduce our live spans. As more and more research is done, more and more secrets of the human body are uncovered and the scientists discover a requirement for more specific instruments surgical. As a result, better surgical tools will be discovered over time leading to even more discoveries of ways to cure illnesses.

The surgical instrument is a very effective tool for the surgeon without which he cannot carry out an operation. Surgery is a critical medical procedure that involves cutting open some part of the body to gain access to some body tissue or organ. The instruments surgical used by the surgeons come in a wide variety and are classified as per their use or by the kind of material they are made of.

Some of the most popularly used instruments surgical include the scalpel which is used for making an incision. Then you have the retractors to make sure the incision stays open and the forceps with which the surgeon picks at or holds the tissues followed by the scissors which is designed to cut body tissue whenever necessary. The surgical instrument is normally made from tampered and hardened steel; these come under the reusable category. Besides, you also have the disposable surgical instruments which already come sterilized and are to be disposed off after one use. These include all kinds of tools made of plastic and rubber material whether it is surgical gloves, nasal oxygen catheter, twin bone nasal catheter, suction catheter or oxygen masks.

If you are to take good care and maintain your instruments surgical then you must make sure that you sterilize as well as disinfect them before and after you use them. Sterilization of each surgical instrument is of utmost importance as you will be using them to operate on the vital organs of the patient’s body. If not, your patients could be susceptible to infections. Besides if you maintain them properly then you can extend their life span so that you do not have to spend more money in getting them repaired or replaced. And the disposable surgical instruments have to be disposed off properly to prevent the spread of microorganisms.

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