Your Friend On The Road To Recovery: The Amigo RD 3 Wheel Scooter 

Maneuvering is the key to a good scooter. Difficulty in maneuvering makes it extremely difficult to get comfortable and it often leads to unsafe travels. The Amigo RD 3-Wheel Scooter, however, offers the most in comfort and easy maneuvering, making it one of them most popular scooters.

by Richard Foldoe Monday, April 04, 2011
The leader in online retail for scooters and scooter accessories, Top Mobility, is proud to announce the Amigo RD 3-Wheel Scooter to their line of Amigo scooters. It is an effective scooter in that it is ergonomically designed and lightweight, making it a great scooter to have for maneuvering purposes. Being able to maneuver is important because it helps the user become comfortable with the scooter. Moving the scooter into places such as places outdoors can be daunting and tricky. Without a scooter that has the capability to be maneuvered easily and quickly, it often becomes a problem. However, the Amigo RD 3-Wheel scooter offers a lightweight scooter that lightens the load on maneuvering for all its users. It starts with a lighter front end and durable front wheel. The engineering of the tiller portion makes the navigation especially easy because there is less resistance. The tire helps aid the direction of the scooter through the tiller.

The Amigo RD 3-Wheel scooter also has a high tech feature that cannot be found on other scooters. The optional smart sensor is a unique feature that limits the scooter to 2.3 miles per hour while indoors so users do not go too fast bumping into things inside. Because indoor environments are much more compact with obstacles such as furniture it becomes important to go slow. This feature also ensures that the scooter does not run into pedestrians. It senses up to 30 inches and the scooter beings to slow down to ensure that a collision does not take place. Safety features such as this are not found on any other scooter. The smart sensor is especially effective when it comes to users using the scooter in a public place such as a park, beach, or shopping establishment.

Amigo RD 3-Wheel’s engineering also takes into account the religious users. Orthodox Jewish Law states that no work is to be observed on the Sabbath, including the use of electricity. Electricity is considered to be fire or other forms of prohibition. Each scooter is inspected by the Zomet Institute to ensure that it is okay to use on the Sabbath.

The display on the scooter’s tiller has the ability to control the speed of the scooter and users can see the battery gauge to see how much charge is left. This gives them ultimate flexibility to decide how to plan out their day. On one fully charged battery the scooter can go as far as 35 miles. It is the farthest one can go for a scooter of its size.

For the fashion-oriented user, the Amigo RD 3-Wheel comes in four different colors: Cinnamon Red, Scuba Blue, Emerald Green, and Champagne Beige. These colors at least give the user some options so they are confined to a color that does not work for them.

Top Mobility is proud to sell the Amigo RD 3-Wheel Scooter as it is one of the most innovative and creative scooters in their fleet today. When considering buying a scooter or scooter accessories, consider Top Mobility.

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