NO2 Portable Vaporizer & Easy Vape Digital Deluxe Allows Smooth Vaporizing 

by calivapor vaporizer Monday, April 04, 2011

Vaporizing is now much more comfortable and intense with the new portable NO2 vaporizer and the Easy Vape Digital Deluxe available in the market today. It’s sleek outer structure and inner herbal vaporizing units makes it a must buy for customers. Smoking is certainly an inevitable harmful process but with the latest NO2 portable vaporizer factors like health issues can be suitable met. The light weight unit and out of the box portable vaporizer is unique and can be carried along for on the road trips, camping or even when travelling. The butane free fumes are dense which provides the mesmerizing flavor of your favorite herbs. This is unlike all butane based vapor units which tastes pungent and is also devoid of any aromatic smells. The extracts of the essence of herbs makes this herbal vaporizer an incredible unit to posses.

The system uses an inner battery which is rechargeable. This internal section is made from brass coated in stainless steel. The vaporizing unit should be switched on when plugged for charging purposes. The vaporizer heats up in about 2 minutes which can be adequately adjusted using the temperature controlling system. Once when the vaporizer is switched on an illuminated LCD unit of the outer surface depicts the temperature that the unit is at present. This unique control system allows you to check and adjust to set your desired fuming temperature. Usually, once charged to full, the herbal vaporizer can be used for about 5-6 sessions.

The unit is small and extremely light in weight. This is manufactured from durable polycarbonate and is of the most superior quality material. The fumes are nice and clean with the essence of herbs which creates quite an aroma. The vaporizer unit is sleek which allows the whip to be placed on it suitably.

The external heater cover is fixed to the unit and comprises of a thickness from .75 to 2.25mm. The system is prepared from receptacle fuses which prevent any damage to the inner unit due to fluctuations in temperature. The Easy Vape Digital Deluxe vaporizer features a pulsating blue LCD on the surface that features the temperature of the system. The fumes that are produced on heating are a mixture of herbs that creates intensely dense and rich taste which is great for inhalation.

The manufacture warranty of the portable vaporizer is for one year. However, during this period any damage caused to the glassware unit is not covered by this warranty. The vaporizer is made from silver polycarbonate and is certainly the most fashionable vapor box available today. The whip of the vaporizer is of ample length which allows smooth vapor draw at one’s own leisure.

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