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IMMEDIATE RELEASE Greenville, South Carolina - If you are looking for reliable, convenient and accurate drug testing kits at affordable prices, then you should definitely visit

by Test Strips Monday, April 04, 2011
If you are looking for reliable, convenient and accurate drug testing kits at affordable prices, then you should definitely visit Register into this professionally managed online drug test kit store and get 10 percent off on your order.

Drug Test Strips announced that this initiative was taken to encourage people, particularly parents, employers or school management to conduct drug tests. Drug testing kits are the convenient and accurate tools to identify the drug abusers at homes, offices, schools etc.

All you need to do in order to register into is provide some basic information such as personal information, billing address, contact information etc. “All your private data is confidential. We will never sell, exchange or market it in any way” said a spokesperson at Drug Test Strips.

Drug Test Strips offers a variety of tests that effectively detect the commonly abused drugs. These drug testing kits come in single and multi-panel format. Single test panel kits detect the presence of one drug in the given sample. While multi-panel drug test kits can effectively detect 10-12 drugs at one time using a single sample.

It also provides quality alcohol detection solutions in the form of breathalyzers (D.O.T / NHTSA approved) and saliva or oral tests. The breathalyzers, saliva or oral tests are very easy to perform, less invasive, and provide quick and accurate results that can be easily used at home, workplaces, and schools.

Drug Test Strips also offers an assortment of Menopause test, Ovulation test and Pregnancy test kits. Their urine testing kits are approved by FDA and comply with SAMHSA cutoff levels. Besides offering drug testing kits and home drug tests, Drug Test Strips also offers laboratory confirmation services for further confirmation of specimens for drug usage.

Various drug testing solutions offered by Drug Test Strips products have been found to be highly accurate and are guaranteed against defects in labeling and packaging until the stated expiration date. These drug tests and solutions are affordable for home buyers, corporate customers, schools, offices etc.

For further details, please contact
P.O. Box 7005 Greenville,
SC 29606-7005
United States
Tel: 1-866-937-8483 (Toll Free)

About Drugteststrips:
Drug Test Strips is an online provider of quality drug test kits, home drug tests for effective detection of drugs and alcohol in home, schools, offices etc. provides quick, accurate, user-friendly, affordable, and quality drug testing products in several formats including blood, urine, and oral drug testing kits. It also provides laboratory confirmation services for further testing of specimens to confirm drug usage. Drug Test Strips is accredited by and also provides free shipping for orders above $25. It also offers improvised testing kits in popular methods of testing such as strips and cups making it easy to use their products.

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