Of Cheese and ‘Green Spain’: Why It’s Best to Discover Casas Rurales Asturias 

by amy perry Monday, April 04, 2011
Spain connotes laidback adventure and great food for the senses. And this is the reason why Spain is often in the list as must-visit and must-reside for many people who knows a thing or two about culture, good food and good living. Whether living in the advanced cities of the country like Madrid or going rural, this country has something for the travelers and those wanting to move on. Here’s one area that has been making raves lately and for good reasons-casas rurales Asturias and their apartamentos en Asturias.

Rugged hills help the food industry

Some may say that casas rurales Asturias is just one of the many rural nooks of Spain but when you discover this rural area you will know that the charm just starts with the place being rural. Food lovers will also find casas rurales Asturias as heaven and a good place to stay for weeks or even months. In fact, writers and travelers have been gushing and talking about the area as the ‘Land of Cheese’. Geographically, Asturias is the perfect place for cheese makers and for foodies that make use of the ageing process when preparing and processing their food. Asturias is known for thousands of caves that are hidden in the hills, and these rugged locations are used by residents in rurales Asturias in aging their cheese.

And this is just the start in the discovery of Asturias; this rural area is ripe with scenes and activities that every travelers and new resident can enjoy. For example, if you are new in Asturias then you can enjoy the green countryside of the area. It’s all about hills and the green pastures in this rural area and almost all nooks and corners are worthy of a few clicks from your digital camera. The foodies can call Asturias as heaven as well, and worth checking is the local food called ‘fabada’ made from beans, sausage and pork. And you can partner this with the Sidra, a Spanish cider which can be sourced in Oviedo. Other places of interest are the Romanesque Churches that are located in the hills of Oviedo and for the adventurous types, the Picos de Europa are worth visiting.

All these things and points of interest help make Asturias a good place to relax, or even settle down for a many weeks or a few months. And you don’t have to worry about places to stay in rurales Asturias since there are apartamentos en Asturias that are ready for occupancy. There are even accredited tourism accommodation areas and apartamentos en Asturias that can help first time travelers and those who want to settle yet want to feel first the aura of Asturias. For example, there is the Maria Soper which is a 17th century house that is divided into three so that it can accommodate more transients at one time. Other inns and apartamentos en Asturias are waiting for travelers and future settlers, and each of these inns and apartments allow first timers to get a taste of what casas rurales Asturias is all about. Some inns and apartments even incorporate outdoor activities like trekking and canoeing that makes a stay in Asturias truly rural!

Resource Box: Often, the rural areas of Spain are the best places where you can plan out your next vacation. And speaking of these locations, leading options include the casas rurales asturias and their apartamentos en Asturias. Asturias is known for its greeneries and for its pastures, and will surely appeal to those who want to relax.

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