Shopping Scooters Designed To Be Taken To Any Store For Any Occasion. 

Scooters come standard with a storage basket but they are so small it makes it difficult to carry anything in it. This does not bode well for those who need to go shopping or need extra space for where they are traveling.

by Richard Foldoe Tuesday, April 05, 2011
Top Mobility, leaders in online scooter retail, proudly announces the additions of Shopping Scooters to their fleet of scooters. Where these scooters differ from other scooters is the size of the storage basket. While some baskets are small they don’t have the ability to hold much, making it hard to go to the store. With these Shopping Scooters, however, users can go down to the store in confidence and shop for their needs without having to make more than one trip. That makes it much more convenient to plan out the day’s activities. Smaller baskets hold smaller items such as shoes or a change of clothes. They are handy for those purposes but they are ineffective for those who need to run daily errands. A shopping scooter also has a stronger weight limit than others. The average weight capacity of the scooters that Top Mobility has weighs in at 520 pounds, unprecedented for even a heavy duty scooter. This weight capacity ensures that whatever scooter is being used, it can hold the weight of the scooter and the weight of the supplies that are put in the basket. As such, these scooters must have safety features that help protect the user. Each scooter offered by Top Mobility has a scooter that serves all users’ storage needs.

• The Value Shopper Scooter – This scooter has two models: the ValueShopper and ValueShopper XL. These scooters have the tightest turning radii as far as these scooters are concerned and they have anti-tip wheels to ensure that no tipping happens as a result of uneven weight distribution. This happens frequently with scooters that can hold weight. The Value Shopper Scooter has a tight turning radius of 30 inches.
• The Smart Shopper Scooter – This scooter does not have a surrounding bumper making it more convenient to get through isles. It also eliminates scraping the items within the isles. The basket capacity has a 125 pound weight limit while the scooter itself has a weight limit of 625 pounds. This shopping scooter can go as far as 23 miles and has a speed of 2.3 miles per hour.
• The CTM HS-570S Shopping Cart Scooter – This has the biggest shopping baskets of them all. It contains a protection bumper around the scooter and has assisting anti-tip front wheels. The front of the scooter must be the most balanced because more weight is going to be contained at the front of the scooter.

When riding a scooter, comfort also becomes ideal and these scooters provide exactly that. Shopping Scooters are vital for everyday users because the ability to carry items is an important need for anyone. Users can now take this scooter on vacation with them and ride in confidence. There is no need to buy a scooter for more than one occasion. With Shopping Scooters, options are made available to all users.

At Top Mobility, they pride themselves on selling products that have a strong reputation in the industry and ones that fit the users’ needs.

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