The Venus Power Mobility Scooter Powers Through Any Surface Anywhere And Offers A Smooth Ride Everytime 

Some power scooters ride like they’re jerky. Many are also slow. However, the Venus Power Mobility Scooter brings unprecedented power and speed. It can traverse any environment and it is effective in all its features.

by Richard Foldoe Wednesday, April 06, 2011
Leaders in online retail for scooters and scooter accessories, Top Mobility, proudly announce the addition of the Venus Power Mobility Scooter. This scooter is a powerful scooter that has safety, comfort, looks, feel, and smoothness that every user will enjoy. There are many enjoyable features including a built-in cup holder. Scooters do not have cup holders but the Venus Power Mobility Scooter has that to give users an option to hold their drinks in. This is a good morale boost for the user. People might as well be as comfortable as possible when riding in their scooter. It also has a fully adjustable tiller. This tiller makes it easier for users to ride their scooter because they can adjust their tiller to get it to their comfort level. Adjustable tillers also make it much easier to navigate. Stagnant tillers pose problems to users because every height and size of the users differs. Scooters should not be one size fits all.

Where this scooter is also unique is the display monitor on the tiller. This display shows the temperature, a clock, odometer and battery bar. With these features it makes it easier for users to adjust their day. The information on the display is handy because it is undetermined where and in what position the scooter user will be in at any given time. These display items are easy to see and they are absolutely necessary for all users to have.

The scooter also boasts something unique to scooter. The Venus Power Mobility Scooter S9 has an independent front and rear suspension system that gives the most level of comfort to a user as they ride, no matter where they go. It can be ridden in even the most demanding places such as rocky terrain or sandy surfaces.

Comfort is also evident on this scooter. The comfortable seat has the ability to recline, slide, and swivel to adjust to the comfort level of the user. The armrests are also adjustable, which makes it far more convenient to deal with. Seating is often underrated but the makers of the Venus Power Mobility Scooter understand that seating is vital to the rehab and morale of the scooter user. The plush level of the scooter makes the seating comfortable.

Power scooters do not have a large range of distance but this scooter has a maximum range of 18 miles. A longer range benefits users to handle their daily activities. Whether the scooter is used in home or out of home, the user can use the scooter in comfort. The power is available because the motor type is a 4000rpm 500W. This motor is found in much larger scooters but it is available on the Venus Mobility Scooter.

The drive wheels are 11” X 4” giving unprecedented power to the scooter. These wheels complement the power of the scooter well, making this a good scooter to have anywhere anytime.

Top Mobility is proud to have this scooter in their selection of students. When considering this scooter or others, consider Top Mobility for their prices and customer service.

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