The Pacesaver Eclipse Series Defeats All Other Scooters In Its Category 

There are few four-wheel scooters that have the capability to be travel friendly and durable. With the Pacesaver Eclipse Series, however, users get both a travel-friendly scooter coupled with space-saving features giving users more access to do their daily activities.

by Richard Foldoe Wednesday, April 06, 2011
Top Mobility, the leaders in online scooter retail, is proud to announce the sell of the Pacesaver Eclipse Series Scooters. There are several models from which to choose: the Eclipse, Eclipse Atlas, and Eclipse Atlas 5. These scooters are tremendous in their makeup and build. The Eclipse series has the industry’s best stability rating, which is something that goes a long way in the industry as a whole. It is smooth and easier to ride for a four-wheel scooter. There is a fear of jerkiness but the Pacesaver Eclipse eliminates that with front and rear end suspension. These scooters, for all intents and purposes, are powerful and rugged. It has the capability to be ridden indoors and outdoors all the while giving users a greater depth of security. Not to mention the 10-inch tires add to the extra ground clearance for outdoor activities.

Each scooter in the Pacesaver Eclipse Series has the capability to be separated without tools. The easy no-tool separation works to eliminate the strain that is caused by other users who try to disassemble. Taking the scooter apart is beneficial in that it can be easily put into vehicles for transport. The Pacesaver Eclipse is also light enough that the individual pieces will not be a problem for the user to pick up. Travel should never be an issue for a user. Having the ability to disassemble easily eliminates the chance that users need to buy an exterior or interior lift. Making it easier to deal with, users can save money on this scooter.

Both models of the Pacesaver Eclipse Series Scooter have a high weight capacity. The Eclipse has a 350-pound capacity while the Eclipse Atlas and Eclipse Atlas 5 have 500-pound capacities. They are both reinforced with the powerful frames and it can easily withstand the weight limit. Both brands also maintain good speed. They all average 5.40 miles per hour, which is jogging speed. It allows users to go at a brisk pace, one that makes it convenient for them to work with wherever they go. Speaking of comfort users have the benefit of having comfortable seating attached to their scooter. Regardless of the scooter they have they will have a comfortable ride because the seats are wider and have more depth to them. Width and depth is something that people can never underestimate when are looking for scooters.

Because all the frames and wheels are built with strength behind it, they can easily go on any environment. It can go on hill climbs, rugged terrain, sand, and grassy fields. Traversing these terrains is made possible because of its durability. Where this scooter outperforms other four-wheel scooters is the build of the tires in relation to the frames. This helps to be able to traverse different areas. Often other four-wheel scooters do not have the luxury to be able to tackle all environments.

Riders can ride in confidence in the Pacesaver Eclipse Series Scooter. Regardless of the model that is chosen, users will experience a comfortable, joyful ride.

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