Zymox Otis Offers an Inexpensive Treatment for Ear Problems in Pets 

by Robert Key Wednesday, April 06, 2011
When adopting a pet, itís important for individuals to know itís a lifetime commitment. That includes treating common maladies such yeast infections of the ear when necessary. Shaun Taylor maintains the website at ZymoxReview.com and examines the usefulness of Zymox Otic and home remedies in the treatment of yeast infections that can afflict dogsí ears.

Dogs with ears that droop, such as Irish setters, basset hounds and cocker spaniels, are more likely to get yeast infections of the ears than other breeds. Their ears donít allow for the natural ventilation of breeds with upright ears. The warm, damp conditions within the ears provide the ideal conditions for yeast, bacterial and viral infections to grow and flourish. Scratching due to the itch of a yeast infection can easily lead to secondary bacterial infections.

Zymox Otic is an inexpensive solution to treat yeast, bacterial and viral infections of the ear that doesnít involve an expensive visit to the vet. Zymox Otic is sold over the counter and can be used to treat dogs and cats, but should not be used with other creams or ointments. Zymox Otic relieves itching, swelling and helps put pets on the road to healing.

The solution can be used as a treatment for one-time infections and in animals that have chronic ear problems. Itís available in several forms, allowing owners to choose the application method that best meets their petís needs and the area of the body where the infection is located. Zymox Otic is available as a cream, liquid spray, shampoo, rinse and topical wipes.

The active ingredients are three natural enzymes, combined with hydrocortisone to reduce swelling and inflammation. No adverse effects have been reported with Zymox Otic, since the product relies on natural enzymes.

A number of factors influence yeast infections in dogs. Droopy ears, long hair in the ears, depressed immune systems, ear mites and extra folds of skin in some breeds can all contribute to a yeast infection. Owners may notice an unpleasant smell emanating from their petís ears or excessive scratching, along with pain or crying when the ears are touched. As the infection progresses, the scratching becomes more intense. Dogs often scratch so hard that they wound themselves inside and behind the ears. The condition is extremely irritating and painful for pets. What began as a yeast infection can quickly become a bacterial infection.

Zymox Otis provides an inexpensive solution for the treatment of yeast, bacterial and viral infections in the ears of dogs and cats. It can be purchased over the counter, doesnít require a prescription or a costly visit to the vetís office. It works to alleviate the intense itching, pain and tenderness associated with ear infections and puts pets on the road to a happy recovery.

For more information, visit the website at http://zymoxreview.com.

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