The Heartway Aviator Electric Scooter is a high powered scooter that dominates the market 

by Richard Foldoe Friday, April 08, 2011
Top Mobility, the online retail leaders of scooters, proudly reveals the Heartway Aviator Electric Scooter, to their line of scooters. The Heartway Aviator Electric Scooter is a powerful scooter that has reinforced frames that support the structure of the scooter while rolling over the environment with ease. The frames are one of the most underrated aspects of the scooter, but the Heartway emphasizes it. This will be evident from the beginning of the ride to the very end. Heartway’s features also include a large wheel base that is designed to be used on rough terrain. Scooter users never know on what environment they will be on from day to day so it is vital to have wheels that complement the frames. This is beneficial in providing the users with a smooth ride because the frames absorb much shock as a result of the ride. The Heartway Aviator Electric Scooter has seating ingenuity as well.

The comfortable seating has options making the user feel more at ease with their choice of scooter. Seating has two release levers, the first being underneath the right side of the seat base. This lever allows the seat to swivel at an unprecedented 180 degrees that has the capability to be locked in at 0, 45, and 90 degrees. The other lever is near the first lever under the right side of the seat base and moves the seat forward and backward. Adjusting the seating is only one part of the comfort. The other comes in the form a headrest that is fully padded. With the neck supported, the health of the user is not in question. Lumbar support is also provided with this chair. Lumbar and neck support combine to give the user a most comfortable ride wherever they go.

Easy-to-use control features are also abundant on the Heartway Aviator Electric Scooter. Within easy access to the control panel, users can get to the on and off key, speed operator, braking system and hit the horn if necessary. Another control feature that is good to have is the steering column. It can be tilt adjusted with a simple lever that is located under the control panel. Adjusting the level and angle of the steering column is beneficial because it helps compensate for the size of the scooter user.

Users will find plenty to enjoy about this scooter. Not only are comfort, convenience, and safety features abundant in this scooter, the Heartway Aviator Electric Scooter also provides users with an intelligent system that alerts the user that they are low on battery or when there is a malfunction in the electronic system. This helps alert the user to take action quickly should any issue arise. With other scooters, there is no alert system. This is dangerous for potential users because they are essentially riding blind.

These features alone make this scooter a clear win for any user. A user can use this scooter for many uses. Regardless of how many days are required out of the scooter, the Heartway Aviator Electric Scooter will come through on the job.

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