Living in an Apartment 

Having a house to live is in not only a dream, but a basic need of all. A roof above the head is always more important than a bed for comfort.

by sanjay cosmossalesforce Saturday, April 09, 2011
With the intension of finding out what people think about while making decision regarding owning an apartment or rent it, I spoke to a few people, some were students, some working , some had their families to put up with, and the like. Everybody had a different opinion based on their respective needs and comfort.

Having a house to live is in not only a dream, but a basic need of all. A roof above the head is always more important than a bed for comfort. It is indeed very important to know every minute detail while investing in any kind of property, whether while making a onetime payment, or a down payment, monthly payment, or installments.

Let us have an insight into the ascendancy of living in an apartment.

Populations in urban areas prefer to live an independent life with no interference from anybody. Youth and especially the working class prefer to have their freedom and peace of mind after they come back from office, whether they work in night shifts or day shifts. The concept of apartment has evolved and thrived for the fact that people wish to spend time in place free from congestion, a place that relieves them off the stress of their normal life, whether school, college, b-school or office.

Those who are working and are living with families prefer an apartment with all possible facilities available. These facilities could be parking space, swimming pool, 24*7 electricity supply, 24*7 water supply, security systems and guards, garden, mini restaurant, café, etc, since such investment are usually made for a long term. Keeping all the above mentioned points aside, the most important one remains cost effectiveness. People usually have a budget planned in their minds before opting for an apartment. Not too large apartment are more in demand these days as no one has the time to clean a big house and it also saves energy spent on cleaning and moving around form one cabinet to another.

Last point seems to be too much in vogue these. Ready-to-move-in apartment is in great demand as people from different regions move to some areas for education, jobs and similar reasons and they do not want to invest money in furniture and other things, therefore, they prefer such apartments where they can move in with their bag and move out any time as when required.Having seen the rosy side of the picture, let us evaluate the other side of the coin, the disadvantages of an apartment.Having a dream to rent or own an apartment is easy but to convert the dream into realty incorporates a lot of precautions and raises number of it is good time to invest on property in Delhi-NCR now.

Residing in an apartment in a society means you have to abide by the rules and regulations of the society management. You cannot play loud music. You might not be allowed to keep a pet in your house. You might be prohibited from planting. Some societies even prohibit entry of even residents late night. When you are sharing the same roof with your neighbors you have to make lot compromises in order to accommodate everyone’s preference in a society.

Residing in an apartment puts an end to your social life. These days people are hardly aware of who their neighbor are. Some people are of the opinion that we do not have the time to socialize with our neighbors at all. Rest say that it’s very difficult to ask for help in times of need as one’s even aware of the person who next door.Another very important fact that comes to mind is that the cost of maintainence and services charges for apartments is too high these days. Individual do expect a luxurious life but one can do away with it when it comes to over budget expenses. But the society maintenance cost and service charges are fixed and unavoidable.

The most important point form an investor’s point of view is that the valve of an apartment in long term is lesser than that of buying a house. Apartment’s value might decrease or remain the same with time but the land value is deemed to go higher and higher, with the support extended by the union government.Having discussed the pros and cons of an apartment, let us now have an insight into the prerequisites of an apartment.

The primary prerequisite would be budget. We should always evaluate our own budget, the budget of the real estate market and the budget of the intermediaries involved. Before putting money into anything, it is always good to have an idea of the market so that we do not end up weeping over spilled milk.Check all the facilities that are promised and those that are actually available. Proper parking, security systems, fire prevention and control facilities, water supply, and other such facilities should be properly functioning. Always analyze and evaluate the value for the money to be invested.

See to it that the location is such that the banking, trading centers, hotels and entertainment facilities are nearby as they have the potential increase in price value of the area. Always hire a manager who has an international network that can bring in expatriates to your apartment so that the rental value increases faster.Last but not the least, deal with those professionals who have descent reputation in the market in order to avoid any losses and negative after effects.

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