The Advantages of Hot Stone Massage Edinburgh 

by Layla Kent Saturday, April 09, 2011
Today it is found that the hot stone massage Edinburgh is well appreciated because of its ability to not only relieve stress but also because of its healing properties. The hot stone treatment has become very popular and is available at all leading wellness centers and spas besides being used in therapy. Although stones have been always used as a form of decoration or for construction, in the recent years, some certain kinds of stones have been found to be good tools for body massage. A massage stone is basically a flat and smooth heated or cold rock that is used for body massage Edinburgh.

It was the tribes in Asia and South America that traditionally made use of the massage stone. But recently the hot stone therapy has been revived in the United Sates by Mary Nelson from Arizona by introducing the LaStone Therapy. The various kinds of stones that are used for massage Edinburgh include marble, basalt, jade and sardonyx. Since basalt has a high capacity of retaining heat energy it is the most popular when it comes to hot stone massage Edinburgh. It is kept in water and heated so as to reach a particular temperature range; then it is put on the body at precise points which are normally the back or other parts of the body like hands, palms and legs. The heat energy that is transmitted to the body provides it with a lot of benefits.

Some of the many benefits that hot stone massage Edinburgh can provide your body are muscle relaxation and improved circulation. The heat from the stone relaxes the muscles and assists the therapist in manipulating the inner tissues with effectiveness. In the case of some athletes who have exceptionally tense muscles, providing a massage can be a real challenge but the energy from these massage stones soften them before the therapist can provide a deeper massage Edinburgh.

Before they begin on the hot stone massage Edinburgh, the therapists let the stones lie on the body. The energy that is absorbed by the body tissues from the stones goes deep within making the blood vessels widen and as a result there is better circulation of blood in the body. This is definitely important if one is looking for an improvement in health. The massage Edinburgh also works as an effective pain killer. Almost all kinds of massage methods help in relieving pain that is caused by stiff joints, injuries or tense muscles. But heated stone massage is a lot more effective because of its intense nature. A heated stone massage leaves behind a better feeling as the therapist can do a deeper massage more effectively as compared to other types of massage. Very often pain might be related to stress and there is no better way of relieving stress than by opting for a heated stone massage.

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