iXBRL and XBRL accounts are one of the hottest topics at the moment 

by Layla Kent Monday, April 11, 2011
The hottest topic at the moment for those companies that file corporation tax are iXBRL and XBRL accounts. This is a new change that has been mandated and all companies need to comply. Even though some companies are still confused about what needs to be done, others have shaken themselves up and already started planning for the new mode of filing returns. If you are an organization that pays corporation tax, this is the time that you started planning for iXBRL and XBRL accounts. There is no alternative available and the sooner you move the better it is for you.

What are iXBRL and XBRL accounts? XBRL, or Extensible Business Reporting Language, is an electronic language that enables financial and business data to be processed and communicated automatically using software. XBRL is completely independent of any platform and technology and is a single specific standard for preparing financial reports so that corporation tax can be paid online. Companies that have started using XBRL have already reported huge savings in time, money and manpower.

In previous years, the end of the financial year used to be a nightmare for some of the people in the organization, especially those in the accounts team. The entire financial data for the year had to be entered into the system and then it had to be checked and rechecked for accuracy and then the financial report could be prepared. As companies move into iXBRL and XBRL accounts they found that this job can be done without any fuss.

The way these languages work is very simple. They don’t treat financial information as a block of text. Instead, they pick up each individual datum and give it a computer readable tag that can help identify it. The software used for iXBRL and XBRL accounts can thus identify each item of data and select, analyze, store and exchange so that it can be automatically presented in different formats as required by different users. Ever since iXBRL and XBRL accounts have come into the picture, companies have been able to work on their financial data intelligently and have also been able to streamline the entire process of preparing the financial report that can then be used for filing returns.

While iXBRL and XBRL accounts are unknown words for many companies there is no need to lose any sleep over it. There are some highly professional organizations that have started working on these languages and they have been providing professional consulting to some of the best companies in the world already. These professional consultants help companies outsource their financial report preparation and also help them prepare the reports in-house. To spread awareness about iXBRL and XBRL accounts such professionals have also been arranging regular seminars and workshops that are being attended by representatives of those companies that are already serious about the new standard.

There is no alternative to working on iXBRL and XBRL accounts from 1st April 2011. Adopt these languages and you will soon find that preparing financial reports and filing your returns is straightforward.

Resource Box: Since iXBRL and XBRL accounts are the hottest topics in corporation tax filing at the moment, you should gather adequate knowledge about them as soon as possible.

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