Merits Cross Country Maxi is a heavy duty scooter that works very well with any type of user 

by Richard Foldoe Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Top Mobility, online retail leaders in scooter sales, is proud to announce the addition of the Merits Cross Country Maxi, a scooter that is chic and smooth. The Cross Country is perhaps one of the most powerful in the line of four-wheel scooters, even though it is the smallest. There is a reason the scooter is called the Cross Country Maxi. It has the power to traverse even the most difficult terrain because of its steel reinforced frames, giving users a great feeling of comfort. Where the Cross Country Maxi makes its mark is that it is so small, yet so powerful. It is 60 inches in length and 26 inches in width. This is one of the smallest four-wheel scooters today. Detailed engineering allows this scooter to maintain all the power that is put behind this scooter. All Merits Cross Country Maxi scooters come with a 650 watt motor that helps power the scooter over any terrain. It also helps that the scooter is equipped with standard 14-inch sporting wheels.

There are also intelligent features built into the Merits Cross Country Maxi. The built-in safety steering is a half-speed control sensor that comes on when users turn. Because this scooter goes as fast as 10.6 miles per hour, a fast turn can be dangerous. Turning may seem to be a mindless activity while on a scooter or any vehicle, but a turn can be dangerous on slick patches on the surface. These patches may or may not be evident to users as they cross that area. There are other features that make this scooter a wonderful addition for scooter users.

The very attractive front safety bumper assures safety should the scooter drive into an object or an object hits the scooter. Safety bumpers are often not safe because they are not engineered correctly, but the safety bumper on the Merits Cross Country Maxi takes any shock that is absorbed and keeps as much of it as possible away from the user. This is possible by the supporting steel plate behind the shroud. Steel is a good source of shock absorption. Keeping the user safe is a high priority for the Cross Country Maxi Power should never be forgotten on this scooter either. The Merits Cross Country Maxi has a range of up to 35 miles. 35 miles is an incredible amount of distance to cover on a scooter. It will be no problem for scooter users to run their errands, giving them multiple options from which to work on a daily basis.

The total weight capacity on this smaller four-wheel scooter is 480 pounds. This makes it possible for bariatric patients to use along with many other types of users.

Top Mobility is proud to have this scooter in their selection. Not only do they sell several varieties of scooters and scooter accessories, they sell them at low prices. Each user will get a knowledgeable customer service staff while making their decision. When considering scooters or scooter accessories, consider getting them at Top Mobility.

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