What Your Dental Assistant Can Help You With 

by Frank Wilson Tuesday, April 12, 2011
What is it that you have in mind when we say dental assistant? Is he someone who helps the dentist get your teeth taken out, or is he someone who just helps a dentist with the daily routine and tasks? Not much is spoken of or understood with regard to the profession of these experts, so today we shall elaborate and speak to you about the same. A dental assistant job description would include doing various tasks of routine, such as taking care of the patients visiting the laboratory and managing other important responsibilities at the clinic. Some assistants also have the authority of giving patients advice and instructions as well, especially on before and after operative procedures with regard to dental needs that may arise.

While an operation is on the dental assistant job description would be that of helping the dentist with operation needs and procedures, lending a helping hand with dentist tools, handing out materials which have been kept ready prior to the operation, getting the tools sterilized for the operation and on the whole, setting up the procedure single handedly at times.

A dental assistant would also be responsible for a patient’s mouth to be kept clean, clear and dry while the suction hoses are used. They prepare files and other office administrative work, which would help the dentists to a large extent, focusing only on the patients. Apart from this they would also ensure the smooth running of x-rays for patients, cast making, and even preparing the use of temporary crowns which patients would need. The higher the experience and handling knowledge of the assistant, the higher would be the trust and responsibilities laid on them.

Do not confuse the task of a dental assistant with that of a dental hygienist, they are certainly not the same. The difference would be that the latter would use tools to get rid of teeth issues and deposits, both hard and soft, in short clean teeth of debris. Some duties and tasks would seem the same between the two, namely giving out information to patients on oral care, the do’s and don’ts of teeth care and cleaning etc, but not the same in most cases. For the dental assistant job description one would need to have a license to practice certain tasks and those tasks wouldn’t be the same of what a dental hygienist would perform.

When we talk of the dental assistant job description, there are certain things we ought to know, and here we list them for you

1. Patients mouths need to be kept clean while the suction hose is used.
2. Sterilization and preparation of the materials and tools is taken care of by the assistants.
3. Before and after care of the operation is also looked after by the assistants.
4. Educating customers on oral health care.
5. Removals of suture.
6. Anesthesia application
7. Keeping a file of patients visiting and their records maintained up to date.
8. Operation scheduling, payments and dental supply maintenance and ordering.
9. Insurance claim filing and other paper work as per the needs.
10. X-rays, crowns and casts are made by dental assistant as well.

Do you want to know more about dental assistant job description and what do the dental assistant actually do? You can learn everything by clicking on the links.

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